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how to install teamspeak 3


the how to install teamspeak 3 tutorial is used to instruct people on how to obtain voice communication abilities in wolfpack

tutorial instructions

step 1
download and install the latest version of the ts3 CLIENT (NOT ts3 SERVER) from http://www.TeamSpeak.com/
if the installer asks you to install OverWolf - say NO
if the installer asks you to create an account - say NO
step 2
launch TeamSpeak 3 ( start the application )
from the TeamSpeak 3 menu - select "Connections" › "connect" (see image 1)
type in your "game handle" (internet alias) into "nick name" (see image 2)
type in the following "server address": (see image 2)
click "connect" button - this will connect you to the voice communications lobby (see image 2)
step 3
wait patiently in the lobby until someone greets you - it may take a while
if no-one greets you, right click on someone's name and poke them with a message
if you cannot find someone to poke - reconnect at another time - preferrable at 19:30 hours on Friday, Sydney Australia time

supporting images

TS3 menu TS3 connect fields

frequently asked questions

I have connected to the WolfPack TeamSpeak 3 server, but no-one can hear me. How can I indicate that I am having trouble?
at the bottom of the TeamSpeak 3 client, you will find multiple tabs. These are for text-based chat. If there is someone in the "Lobby" channel with you, you can type into the chat box, and the client will play a sound to alert the people in the channel to your message.
why can't I access any other rooms besides the lobby on TeamSpeak 3?
the first time you connect to the TeamSpeak 3 server, you will not have permissions to move yourself around - you will need a minimum of "guest" permissions to move around. you obtain "guest" permission by speaking with members
how much bandwidth/data does TeamSpeak 3 use?
no specific details on measurement can be provided by WolfPack but in our experience, the amount of data and bandwidth usage is very small
I STILL cannot connect to the TeamSpeak 3 server?
after you have installed the TeamSpeak 3 software - try using the TeamSpeak 3 auto connect page.
I keep getting the error "server timed out"
check the server ip address and reconnect - or the server maybe offline, try again later, contact someone from the game you play

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