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can i have guests?


can i have guests?


members of wolfpack are more than welcome to have guests join them on teamspeak and play games provided they follow guest guidelines

guest guidelines

these guidelines are deliberly left vague and open to interpretation, common sense and correct warnings should be followed

  1. concerns are raised when guests become long term inhabitants on a regular basis with no intent on joining
  2. if a guest is observed to have a regular or continuous attendance they will be asked to have a break for a period of 2 months before being allowed to rejoin as a guest
  3. a guest cannot be someone that has been permanently banned from wolfpack

frequently asked questions

does it matter if the guest is a member of another clan?
members of other clans are welcome to be on our teamspeak so long as they follow the guide lines
if i am a 1st person, is it a valid reason to ask someone to leave the room because they are rude?
no. reason: rudeness is not the same as being a disturbance, of course if the voice communication is considered "on fire with rage" that is a different story.

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